Carpe Vexillum playing Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4.

Contact Us

Please to not hesitate to contact [CV] Clan. We are happy to hear all comments, suggestions, and critiques.

For general questions/comments go to our forums.

You can also contact us at All complaits and challenges (see below) should be directed here, as well as more specific questions to clan management.


If you have any complaints not regarding challenges or tryouts, please send an email to stating the following information:

1. Your screen name in Halo.
2. If this is a server complaint, which member(s) were present at the time.
3. An accurate description of the incident that you are complaining about.

If you don’t provide this information we’ll simply ignore your email. Please do not post a complaint on our forum, if you do it will be deleted.


If you want to challenge CV please email us at If you challenge us make sure you understand we keep matches clean. Also understand we only play with heavy weapons. We also will only play games that are 8v8. Please do not talk with any of our members about challenges in game.

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