Carpe Vexillum playing Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4.



The Battlefield series is the newest division of the Clan.   At the time our members were moving into COD, a few others started playing Battlefield.   A handful of members play this game regularly and swear by its superiority over the COD games.

This game is the true definition of TEAM play.  We have 10 members who own both BF3 and now BF4.   Our expansion into these games in both Conquest and Domination,  suits our team orientated game play.  We are actively looking for new members to increase the numbers of squads we can deploy into a game.

Come join us on teamspeak @ [CV] Teamspeak Server = or  For a list of our origin and Steam names, please visit http://cv.invisionzo…showtopic=11693

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