Carpe Vexillum playing Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4.

Halo Combat Evolved for PC

Carpe Vexillum is latin for Seize The Flag, we are a large and very well known Halo PC clan and have been around for almost 10 years.

We originally  started as !!!CTF_Heavy_Weapons to give people a fun, explosive-filled server while providing a decent environment so players wouldn’t have to endure the idiocy and constant cursing/trash talking in other servers. As time grew and the server gathered a good sized following, Big Ed, and Neph decided to turn our regulars into a clan. This would create friendly competition in a n00b-free environment. The clan became official on April 1, 2004 with 24 members and rose to over 30 in the first week.


The clan Carpe Vexillum and our servers paved the path for most the PC heavy weapons clans.   As most of them have disappeared, [CV] still runs strong.   We’ve created and held the standards of game play in Halo and heavy weapons since we started.  We have competed and won almost every league and tournament we have been in.


Today CV is so much more, Big Ed and Neph may no longer be with us but the people here now have made the clan what it is today. We still have dedicated servers and still enjoy playing this great game .  We have came a long way past when we first began, we have over 120 wonderful members to our great clan.


Come join us on teamspeak @ [CV] Teamspeak Server = or  For a list of our origin and Steam names, please visit

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