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Bungie releases patch to fix server lists

Bungie officially releases patch 1.10 (includes the Lobby fix)

Roger W wrote:The patches have been announced on and are available for manual download.
Now is the time to encourage everyone who hosts dedicated servers to migrate to the new version, so that we have many of them online when the auto-update goes live

Downloads (direct from Bungie)
Halo PC 1.0.10
Halo CE 1.0.10
Halo PC Dedicated Server 1.0.10
Halo CE Dedicated Server 1.0.10

These downloads are available to install now. The auto-update notice in Halo will be turned on sometime this weekend if you haven’t already manually updated by that time.

Note: The patch overwrites several game-related files (eg. the config.txt; but not maps or profiles). If you have made any changes to your Halo install that you want to keep then make a backup before applying the patch. Also, many of the Halo mods will be incompatible with this version until the mods are updated.

It will take awhile for all the servers to get migrated to the new Master Server, so don’t be surprised if the 1.10 Lobby seems kind of empty compared to what you’re used to. You can still connect to most other servers through Xfire or by Direct IP.

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