Carpe Vexillum playing Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield 4.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

As new games came out, a group of [CV] members started playing Call of Duty.  At first we were not very organized but began to love the COD games.   We started playing Modern Warfare 2 and then Black Ops.  The Capture the Flag games were fun but was not the same team oriented game style we enjoyed in Halo.



The clan really started expanding the COD division when Modern Warfare 3 came out.  We began actively recruiting good players to our teamspeak and started playing Domination extensively.  Our first new recruited members, Snake and MurMur, really helped us recruit and bring in quality people, both as players and individuals.



As the newer games came out, Black Ops 2 and now Ghosts, we continued to grow and and dominate as we played as a team.



We have come a long way from those first 2 members to the 30+ members we have today.  [CV] is stands for a non-hacking, team orientated place to play these great games with friendly competition and a chance to escape Real Life for a few hours a day.


Come join us on teamspeak @ [CV] Teamspeak Server = or  For a list of our origin and Steam names, please visit http://cv.invisionzo…showtopic=11693

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