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[CV] Clan

Carpe Vexillum

Carpe Vexillum (Latin for Seize the Flag) was founded in 2004 as a heavy weapons Halo clan. The clan’s main goal was to offer a fun and competitive environment for gamers of all ages. Since that beginning, our values have not changed. Our Members range from 15 to 74 and we welcome anyone into our teamspeak server. Our goal is to be competitive and most importantly to have FUN and leave the real world behind for a few precious moments!

We are heavily involved in the Call of Duty series and Halo. We are not a clan whose goal is to antagonize or berate other players in the games we play. We are competitive and utilize teamwork to offset those with better skills. We are 100% non hacking clan and have zero tolerance for those that do. We have Adult only channels and family channels in our teamspeak to accommodate those needs. We are a family and are always looking for good PEOPLE to have join 
I have found our First Mission Statment, and it still applies today… 

The main key to the success of CV is due to the overall attitude of the clan members. We value honor and decency over everything else. It has never been about being the best players or even the best clan, but working together with decent values to have the most fun together.In the end, the goal of CV is to help players get better and be a part of a great community and continue the standards we have created. 

Clans take gaming to a new level – coordinating competition and teaching teamwork. Today, CV is so much more. We help each other with all sorts of problems, even homework and family issues. Players provide each other with a good friend to talk to, even if they hardly know each other. We’re all willing to help each other out. This is just a game, but unless you’ve got great people around you, it’s not going to be very fun. Our great forum provides a place for personal announcements or troubles that are received with encouragement and support. CV members are always looking out for each other and we strive to uphold this attitude about what we’re doing. We’re players, peers, clan mates, friends…family.